November 23, 2017

Golden Thimble Fits the Foremost Fashionista and Her Man

Andover High School’s most formidable fashionista, you understand your prom dress must make a powerful statement. Not just any old gown will do. Sam, your fashion fairy godfather, is your secret weapon.

Admit it: You treat the late-winter and early-spring awards shows as formal-wear catalogs, and you make sure your Twitter gets posts from all the best designers and New York retailers. You know, when Guiliana Rancic retires, her chair on “Fashion Police” goes immediately to you, no contest. “Gossip Girl” and the Kardashians have nothing on you but bigger bank accounts; and you know your superpower is getting haute couture looks at pret-a-porter prices. When you walk the red carpet at the annual Andoverl gala, every little Baronette must acknowledge you are the “It Girl” of her universe, and fashion photographers must fry their flashbulbs capturing your unmistakable allure. Good thing you’ve got Tailor Sam.

Straight from Fashion Week to Bloomfield Hills
At least since pre-school, you have understood the first fundamental of fashion-forward thinking, refusing to twist yourself into this year’s look, instead making this year’s best look fit you. You know your shape, palette, and fabrics; you especially understand how to accessorize with taste. You feel inexpressibly grateful Sam understands these things, too.

Sam understands you want to look like you spent a fortune on your one-of-a-kind prom dress; more importantly, though, he knows you can stretch the babysitting money only so far. You want Armani or Ashi Studio; you can afford a trip to the Salvation Arrmy.  The Golden Thimble makes-up the difference. Since your mother and father went to the prom in Daddy’s Buick, expert tailor Sam Mroki has provided impeccable attention to detail, unsurpassed personal service, and a high-quality end product that’s truly inspired. He could turn a burlap sack into a piece fit for Saks. You count on Sam to imprint your signature style on your gown.

When Sam and the golden thimble work their magic, you agree with legions of loyal customers who insist, ““Sam is a diamond in the rough! He saved so many pieces I thought were doomed, and his work is always done with quality and care.”

Boyfriend must look great, too.
Your boyfriend is the real living proof of Sam’s genius and nonpareil craftsmanship. Boyfriend admittedly is not ready to invest in his own tuxedo, because he has grown six inches in the last six weeks, and the fitness program is working. He will rent his tuxedo, doing his best to match his colors with yours and exercising special care about keeping the suit subtle. Still, boyfriend runs substantial risk his “prom-special” tux will be all over him literally like a cheap suit. Very good thing you both know Sam.

Sam will make boyfriend’s borrowed gear fit like it was his personal autograph-model ensemble—especially in the shoulders and sleeves, where a bad fit really shows. Metro-Detroit Tailor Sam understands perfect hems and the value of a well-placed tuck. With the benefit of Sam’s magic, your friends will gasp as they exclaim, “Wow, your boy cleans-up good!” Just as importantly, when your big weekend is over, Sam will assure the tux returns to the rental rack in perfect condition.

Are you looking for a custom prom dress or suit? Contact your Metro Detroit Tailor Sam Mroki today. Golden Thimble Tailoring has over 20 years experience in providing custom tailoring services for our Metro Detroit students from West Bloomfield, Farmington Hills, Southfield, Birmingham and Bloomfield Hills.