November 23, 2017

Outgrown Your Favorite Clothing?

Your Local Tailor Can Fix Just About Anything! We all know that sometimes the clothing we buy may sooner or later fit us differently and become difficult to wear. Whether it’s because we gained a few extra pounds to make those once perfect fitting jeans a little too tight, or we lost weight and found that our clothing is a little baggier than normal, it is nevertheless a disappointing discovery to make. There is nothing worse to find than some of the clothing you spent good money on is not fitting the way it used to. You could of course just buy new clothing to accommodate your newer size, but this is more money you have to spend to re-buy what you already have.

Another option is to take the pieces that aren’t fitting you so well anymore to a tailor who can perform clothing alterations for you to adjust them to accommodate your new size. This is a great alternative to just throwing that clothing away or just never wearing it again, as sometimes you can’t always find that same shirt you love a second time. Many of us don’t even remember where we got half of the clothing that we own, so it’s not uncommon to want to hold onto that favorite pair of jeans or suit that you may have an extremely hard time finding all over again in a newer size. Tailors who perform clothing alterations will take your current body measurements and will adjust your clothing through the use of re-sewing, stitching and other techniques that will resize your clothing to fit your newer body size.

Hiring a tailor is also much less expensive than buying your clothing all over again and provides an option to have your favorite clothing refitted for you so you don’t have to restock your whole wardrobe with newer items. Not only are tailors useful for clothing alterations, but they can also make repairs and restorations to clothing to improve its overall aesthetic. Before dropping everything to buy all of your clothing again because you gained a few pounds, be sure to consider the clothing alterations services offered by your local tailor as an alternative to buying everything brand new again.

Golden Thimble Tailoring is your one stop shop for all your tailoring needs. Whether you need your new clothing to have the perfect fit, or you’re altering your current wardrobe, we promise to make you look your best. Please visit your local West Bloomfield tailor today.