December 15, 2017

Tailoring Services

With more than 20 years of experience in custom tailoring and alterations for men and women, master tailor Sam Mroki offers a full range of alteration services. From hemming and button sewing, to complete custom suits and dresses, we offer quality workmanship in a quick and efficient manner. Goldent Thimble Tailoring will make you look like you spent a fortune on your wardrobe, for a fraction of the price!

Our goal at Golden Thimble Tailoring is to help you develop your signature style, giving you all the allure of haute couture without all the fuss and frenzy of New York Fashion Week. With Sam’s expert guidance and craftsmanship, you will look red-carpet ready at rock bottom prices.

No matter how much you spend, if your clothes do not fit properly accenting your assets and caressing your curves, you will look cheap and possibly leave people wondering if you are playing dress-up in your big sister’s clothes. Just because you saw it in a fassion magazine doesn’t mean the clothes are a good fit for you. Your clothes must fit not only your body but also your attitude, making you feel polished and poised. When you make your fashion statement, you want to make sure you send the right message. For more than twenty years, Sam and the Golden Thimble Tailoring team have helped Metro-Detroit’s men and women, boys and girls look and feel their very best.


Metro Detroit Tailor Sam Mroki pays meticulous attention to every detail of every alteration. If you were going to alter a new pair of pants, would you look beyond the hems? Although the right length and “break” are essential to a perfect fit, they are not your only considerations. Does the waist fit comfortably and properly? Is the seat really seamed to your proportions? Is the rise right for your proportions? Are the legs too tight in the thighs and too big through the calves? Similarly, if you were to custom-fit an off-the rack blazer, would you look beyond the sleeve-length? Would you carefully fit the shoulders and make sure the darts are correct? Would you match the jacket’s curve and flow to your waist’s and thighs’ proportions? Sam assures a perfect fit—the right balance of fashion and comfort.

Dresses and Gowns for sale

For life’s most important occasions, you must have exactly the right dress. Sam makes custom dresses to his clients’ most demanding specifications. Whether you bring in your favorite fabric and a pattern, you work from just a magazine picture, or you want to rehabilitate a family heirloom, Sam will invest all of his talent, experience, and skill in bringing your vision to life. In fact, Sam will collaborate with you in every step of your special dress’s design, construction, and final fitting. Sam has built a sterling reputation on his perfectionism, wholeheartedly insisting, “If it isn’t perfect, then it isn’t finished.”

Custom Shirts and Suits

For a special occasion or in honor of a major promotion, a man deserves suits and shirts made just for him. Using the best cottons, wools, and silks, Sam constructs exquisite shirts and suits according to men’s needs and preferences. For attorneys, bankers, and executives, tailor Sam crafts traditional looks, some with vests, to give men the dignified look their professions demand. He pays similar attention to traditional shirts, making sure that button-down collars have the proper “roll” and stick-pin collars wrap neatly around Windsor knots. For aggressive young entrepreneurs, tailor Sam crafts trendy European styles from fashion-forward fabrics, and he constructs more fitted shirts from softer fabrics. Slacks and trousers command similar attention to detail and Sam guarantees a flattering but perfectly comfortable fit. Just as importantly, as men’s proportions change Sam assures he will update their clothes to match their changing physiques.

Golden Thimble Tailoring is proud to provide tailoring and alteration services to his clients from West Bloomfield, Farmington Hills, Southfield, Novi, Birmingham and Bloomfield Hills and Detroit.